Excalibur® Dehydrator - 9-Tray Large-Excalibur #3900 (Black)


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Quick Overview

This factory exclusive deluxe model Excalibur® dehydrator is everything you need to make a never-ending supply of wholesome and healthy dried fruits, healthy lunch box snacks, and vegetable dishes! You can also use this dehydrator to make your own delicious raw yogurt.

Purchase ParaFlexx™ premium non-stick drying sheets for your Excalibur® dehydrator

Purchase ParaFlexx™ Disposable Non Stick Drying Sheets (36 Sheets) for your Excalibur dehydrator
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Product Description

The 9-tray DELUX model Excalibur® dehydrator is great for large families, large gardens, craftspeople, and sportsmen.

This dehydrator contains 9 large trays with 15 square feet of tray area, making it the biggest and best dehydrator there is!

* 9 trays
* 15 SF of drying area
* Adjustable Thermostat
* Built-in on/off switch.
* 7" fan, 600 watts.
* Unit Dimensions: 12.5"H x 17"W x 19"D
* Shipping Weight: 22 lbs
* 10 years warranty
* All units come with a black door and black trays. Note that the white unit now comes with black trays only

The Excalibur® has a Unique Drying System
The Excalibur dehydrators feature the Parallexx™ drying system for even drying.


* Horizontal airflow provides even drying, so you don't have to keep re-stacking the trays
* This temperature controlled, fan forced, horizontal drying system is mounted in the rear of the unit, just like Excalibur's® NSF commercial dehydrators. Cool air is drawn in the back, heated and distributed evenly across each tray, pushing moisture out of the front of the machine.

Excalibur® dries better, faster, and safer thanks to our Hyperwave™ Fluctuation Technology

* Ordinary dehydrators produce constant, unchanging heat causing “case hardening,” a dry surface with moisture trapped inside—a perfect environment for yeast, mold, and bacteria growth.
* Excalibur’s® adjustable thermostat lets you take advantage of Hyperwave™ Fluctuation Technology (changing heat through the drying cycle) for faster, better, safer dried foods.


As the temperature fluctuates up the surface moisture evaporates. Then as the temperature fluctuates down the inner moisture moves to the drier surface. The food temperature stays low enough to keep the enzymes active, and the air temperature gets high enough to dry food fast, overcoming yeast, mold, and bacteria growth and spoilage.

The World’s Best Quality Most Versatile Dehydrator Ever!
The Excalibur® is the best-selling dehydrator in the world because of its physical design, engineering quality, broad versatility, and reliable performance.

* The adjustable thermostat lets you fine tune to the exact temperature you need
* Removable trays let you customize drying space for small or large items and, allow you to check on your items easier than in a stackable dehydrator

The Excalibur® Dehydrator is Environmentally Friendly
Excalibur products are designed to be environmentally conscious. The Excalibur® dehydrators are designed to run on lower wattage without compromising the quality of dried foods. The dehydrators' case, door, trays, and knobs are made from medical grade recycled plastics.

The Excalibur® Dehydrator Design Superiority
* Electronics are back-mounted so spills won’t bake on
* Removable, dishwasher-safe trays are easy to load; leave some out for drying bulky items
* Economical; just 8¢ - 11¢ of electricity an hour

The Excalibur® Dehydrator Uses Quality Materials
* No harmful fumes like low-quality styrene dehydrators
* The walls are constructed of polycarbonate, a natural heat insulator, and better than single-wall stainless steel

Excalibur® has 35 years of food dehydrator manufacturing excellence, and the Excalibur® food dehydrator sets the industry standard for design, quality, and dependability.

Excalibur® has been the # 1 choice for home food dehydration or the small business environment. They have a reputation for being the best dehydrator for preserving the nutrient and enzyme levels of living foods.

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