Folding Fitness Trampoline JumpSport Model 350f


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Quick Overview

Model 350f
Folding Model by JumpSport
Frame: 39"
Mat Design: Skirt
Mat Diameter: 32.5"
Exercise Area: 830 sq. in.
FlexBounce III
30 Endurolast 3 Cords
3 year cord warranty
4-in-1 DVD Compilation Included

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Product Description

The same JumpSport Fitness Trampoline quality, now in two folding models - the 350f and 550f Pro. Moms, dads, kids and grandparents love how easily it folds - this means you can transport it anywhere or store it away in seconds. Lightweight and with easy to remove legs, these stable trampolines can provide you or your clients with the low-impact workouts you deserve. With a 39" frame, the Model 350f is designed for jumpers with limited space, and with a 44" frame, the Model 550f is designed for jumpers who need the freedom to move. Both units use EnduroLast elastic cords that will outlast the competition, but the Model 550f takes performance to the next level with 36 Extra Firm cords that deliver quicker response and higher intensity workouts.

An excellent tool to improve your professional practice for:
Personal Training - quick, removable legs and lightweight for easy transport
Small group - easily portable and great for circuit workouts
Group X - increased endurance and reliability for eager clients
Sport-specific training - more space and more cords means more training options
Higher intensity workouts - stronger cords deliver quicker response and more resistance
Larger and freer movement - full range of motion allows for creative exercises
A wider client base - meet a diversity of clients' needs with stronger cords

Easy to fold, easy to remove legs - no tools required
EnduroLast 3 elastic cords - tested to millions of bounces!
Virtually silent Permatron® mat
Mat Design: 32.5" Skirt
12.5" frame height
39" total frame diameter (42" footprint due to arched legs)
Industrial-grade stitching
6 arched legs - non-tipping and stackable
16 gauge steel frame
Maximum user weight: 250 lbs
Unit weight: 18 lbs
Total shipping weight: 26.5 lbs

Residential Use Warranty
Steel Frame & Legs – Lifetime
Mat – 5 years
EnduroLast 3 Elastic Cords – 3 Years
EnduroLast 4 Elastic Cords – 4 Years
EnduroLast XF Elastic Cords – 4 Years
All other components – 1 year

Here’s Why Rebounding is Different
Essentially, rebounding is bouncing on a mini trampoline. But not just any mini trampoline — and not for the sake of bouncing high or doing gymnastics, as you would do on a regular trampoline. Rebounding utilizes a deep bounce and small, methodical movements plus resistance for a fitness workout superior to any other. In fact, your feet hardly lift off the mat.

A rebounder’s surface (mat) is tighter than a trampoline’s. It has tighter springs so that you get more downward movement in the bounce instead of upward movement. And best of all, rebounding places no strain on the joints of your body. So you can exercise without pain or fear of complications later.

This makes it an excellent exercise for senior citizens, the physically handicapped, the chronically ill, those who are recuperating from an accident or injury, or anyone else who needs gentle but effective exercise. It’s also great for anyone wanting to lose weight, tone their body, build their stamina or improve their health in a fun and easy way! The entire family can bounce – from grandma to mom and dad to all the kids — at their own pace and their own level (children love to bounce – it gives them a sense of balance).

Benefits of Rebounding
Rebounding combines the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Research shows it’s most efficient and effective type of exercise for the entire body. And because rebounding is a zero-impact exercise, there is no pressure on injured, arthritic or handicapped joints. Rebounding makes getting cardiovascular exercise, improved circulation, strength training, increased strength, better balance and coordination easy and fun!
What else can rebounding do for you? Here are more benefits of rebounding:

Fitness Benefits:
• 68% more efficient than jogging or using a treadmill (NASA, Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5): 881-887). That means you can get an hour’s worth of regular exercising on the rebounder in only half an hour!
• Stimulates the metabolism, reducing the likelihood of obesity
• Improves resting metabolic rate (so more calories are burned longer after exercising)
• Reduces body fat
• Firms legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips
• Builds up strength, stamina, endurance, agility and overall fitness
• Increases endurance
• Protects the joints from the impact and fatigue you get from exercising on hard surfaces
• Improves muscle-to-fat ratio and helps manage body composition
• Improves coordination throughout the body
• Circulates more oxygen to the tissues
• Establishes a better equilibrium between the oxygen required by the tissues and the oxygen made available
• Strengthens the musculoskeletal systems due to increased G-force (gravitational load)

Cardiovascular Benefits:
• Improves circulation
• Helps normalize your blood pressure
• Increases the capacity of both the heart and lungs
• Helps prevent cardiovascular disease and assists in the rehabilitation of heart problems
• Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels
• Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) in the blood and increases HDL (good cholesterol)
• Increases the activity of the red bone marrow in the production of red blood cells
• Increases the white blood count and strengthens the immune system

Other Health Benefits:
• Promotes tissue repair
• Helps combat depression, anxiety and stress by increasing endorphins
• Improves mood
• Helps digestion and elimination
• Stimulates the glandular system, especially the thyroid, to increase its output
• Allows for easier relaxation and sleep
• Improves mental performance – with sharper learning processes
• Stimulates the lymphatic system to carry away accumulated toxins and waste products from your body
• Relieves fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women
• Slows down aging

How does Rebounding do all this?
Rebounding utilizes three natural forces: gravity, acceleration, and deceleration. When you bounce up and down, your body is subjected to the forces of acceleration and deceleration as well as gravity. This creates a beneficial increase in G Force. Every cell feels this increase because it’s the equivalent of doubling your weight (your body weight is equal to 1 G Force). This forces the cells to adjust by getting stronger and more efficient.

Lifting weights and working out on a treadmill strengthens only your muscle cells. But rebounding strengthens every single cell in your body — blood cells, brain cells, organ cells, skin cells, eye cells, fat cells — all the cells.

The simple action of bouncing up and down against gravity stimulates your lymphatic system, your circulatory system, your digestive system, your reproductive system, your brain and your entire body without trauma to your musculoskeletal system. No other exercise can do this! Wouldn’t you love to have these health benefits?

You can! As long as you bounce on a high-quality mini-trampoline, not one of the cheap imitations flooding the market. You can be sure that NASA didn’t do their research on one of those! The imitations have low-end components, inferior bounce and produce poor results.
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