Oreganol Juice - Juice of Wild Oregano (12oz/355ml)


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Oregano P73 Juice is a highly aromatic essence made from wild oregano.
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Product Description

Oreganol Juice is potent. Anyone can tell this by drinking it. This juice is the aromatic waters of oregano. This is the water soluble fraction, or hydrosol, of wild oregano, which is obtained when the plant is steam distilled. The steam traps the components of the wild oregano and is then condensed to become the juice.

Aromatic water has a long history of use for human health. This is the original juice used by the villagers for better health. They have used it for hundreds of years. Incredibly, the juice is traditionally favored over the oil. In mountainous regions of Turkey and Lebanon, village doctors readily recommend it. It is universally accepted in Turkey for its power and is highly used and commonly accepted. This has been the case for some four hundred years.

The wild oregano plant, which grows under the high-mountain snow, is revived in the spring and summer. The plant traps oxygen from the pure air at high elevations, some 7,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level, and this oxygen is extracted and condensed in the juice. Only the most remote-source, wild oregano leaves are distilled to produce this juice, and only the highest-quality water is used, extracted directly from a deep mountain aquifer in the mountain plains, some 900 feet below the ground. Oreganol Juice by North American Herb & Spice is extremely rare and the highest quality available.
Everyone can use more oxygen. The body requires it. Oreganol Juice is rich in compounds known as oxygenated terpenes. Oxygen aids in the absorption of the terpenes by the membranes, just where the body needs it. That is what makes Oreganol Juice so powerful.

Oreganol Juice is a true complement to Oreganol P73 oil. For best results both must be taken. This juice is a natural biochemical way to obtain more oxygen. Biologically, the juice is readily absorbed, and it is entirely safe to be taken daily.

The best way to take it is straight or undiluted. The dosage can be anywhere from a teaspoon to one or two ounces. The ideal amount is at least a tablespoon daily. Taken at night it is relaxing.
Directions: Take a half ounce or more daily for maximum benefit. Oreganol Juice can be taken alone or with juice or water. For additional benefit hold the juice in mouth as long as possible. Best juices to mix with: tomato or vegetable juice or it is also a fantastic gargle either by itself or mixed with salt water. Great for keeping the gums strong.

Oregano oil’s benefits include:
• Antibacterial
• Antifungal
• Antiseptic
• Antparasitic
• Antibiotic
• Digestive aid
• Helps sinus congestion
• Strengthens immune system
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