Take Back Your Power - Investigating the "Smart" Grid (PAL) Format (DVD)


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Release date: 2013
Dimensions [cm]: 19 x 13.5 x 1.5

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A must watch award-winning documentary "Take Back Your Power" takes us on a journey to expose corporate and government corruption and erosion of rights in the name of “smart” and “green.” What you’ll discover will surprise, unsettle and empower you.

Are Corporations Paving a Perilous Path Directly Into Our Homes?

(PAL) Format for Australia and European countries

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Product Description

Utilities around the world are racing to install “smart” utility meters, which are emerging as anything but smart. Josh del Sol’s award-winning feature documentary Take Back Your Power uncovers shocking evidence of in-home privacy invasions, increased utility bills, health & environmental harm, fires and unprecedented hacking vulnerability… and lights the path toward solutions.

With compelling insight from whistleblowers, researchers, government agents, lawyers, doctors and environmentalists, learn why hundreds of local governments are standing against the rollout of this technology. What you’ll discover will surprise, unsettle and ultimately empower you.

The 2013 NSA spying scandal exposed vast programs to monitor personal communications. Now, utilities and governments are reaching into your own home, through fast-tracked "smart" meters and spy-ready technology. But what if you have a choice? At stake is in-home surveillance, skyrocketing bills, emerging health risks and hacking vulnerabilities.

What are “Smart” Meters?
The basis of the “smart” grid are what are commonly referred to as “smart” meters. These are digital and (almost always) wireless utility meters that have the ability to harvest a vast array of personal information and transmit it to corporations and governments in wireless radiation bursts. Though this issue at first seems innocuous, are set to have profound consequences for all aspects of our life and even nature.

What’s happening in this movement, and why?

Utility customers around the world are choosing to take a stand against the installation of smart meters for the same reasons (to jump straight in, click on a link below for more info) –

Cost increases a) on utility bill; and b) massive taxpayer-funded government expenditures;

Privacy, and loss thereof;

Democratic rights, and loss thereof;

Health effects of smart meter radiation

Grid vulnerability:entire power grid extremely hackable;

Fires & damage: more than 900 smart meter fires to date;

The Bigger Picture:A sense that corporations are now going too far in their quest for ever-greater control, at the expense of human freedom, basic rights and the entire planet’s ecosystem.

Stated intentions vs. reality

It could be said that it is extremely ironic that the stated intentions of the global “smart” grid plans are for greater 1)“energy efficiency”; 2) “reliability of service”; and 3) “to help the environment”.
In actuality, 1) regions where smart meters have been installed have not experienced less energy consumption (only increased cost to customer); 2) the entire power grid becomes immediately vulnerable to being taken down by hacking; and 3) the effects of increased radiation have now been demonstrated to have a negative impact on all plants, insects, animals and biological life in general.

Perhaps even more unsettling
What many are finding is even more unsettling than this – than the smart meter program already failing on all of its goals – is the way in which this program has been implemented:
- in corporatocratic secrecy instead of democracy – even in many cases laws being arbitrarily changed to facilitate rollout;
- with no heed to personal privacy rights;
- with no heed to published science;
- with no heed to credible experts from a variety of industries;
- with no stated option for opting out – though this is changing;
- with devices which are unapproved by UL, CSA (or equivalent), and routinely cause fires and damage – which is not covered by homeowners insurance (because smart meters are unapproved devices).

Though, a huge opportunity is on the horizon
As if that wasn’t enough, the most critical issue of all: We no longer need to be on fossil fuel-based, scarcity-based economy on a centralized control model, whatsoever. We now have affordable technology – here and now – to decentralize, to completely do away with all carbon pollution, to have enough renewably-sourced energy and clean water for all citizens of the planet… if the public voice is informed and involved enough. The new paradigm of informed and passionate public voices will trump the old corporate/government paradigm of “bottom-line-obsession-at-the-expense-of-all-else”. More about this opportunity in the film and on this site in the days ahead.

10 Questions for Your Utility

1) Am I legally required to accept a smart meter?
Answer: No. You do not have to accept a smart (or “advanced” or “upgraded”) meter. Any utility company who states this is lying.

2) Can I expect my energy bills to go up with a smart meter?
Yes. Where smart meters have been deployed, energy bills have consistently risen – sometimes dramatically. The price increases will become even more pronounced once Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing is implemented. You will be charged more for electrical use when you need the electricity the most (i.e. when you come home from work or school). The idea that you will start doing your laundry at 3:00 AM when prices are cheaper is a dystopian fantasy dreamt up by the same people who think it is safe to put a toxic, microwave radiation emitting spy-device on your home.

3) In the United States, my 4th Amendment rights prevent unlawful search and seizure in my own home. Do smart meters violate these rights?
Yes. With a smart meter on your home, you can no longer retreat into your own home and expect to have the privacy that is guaranteed by law. Thus, smart meters are unconstitutional and illegal.

4) Is it true that my energy use information will be sold to third-party vendors in order to market products or track my activities in some way?
Yes. The California Public Utilities Commission has stated on the record that they look forward to the business opportunities that will come from selling our personal energy use data. Just like Gmail and Facebook data, your privacy will not be preserved if you have a smart meter.

5) Will the smart meter program help the environment by reducing energy use?
No. None of the existing smart meter programs have shown energy savings. In fact, having a wireless smart meter and smart grid mesh system takes more energy because now there are millions of new wireless transmitters on the grid that are constantly using energy and constantly transmitting. They all take additional energy that the grid must produce. Simple energy conservation steps by citizens would have saved much more energy, but would not have been profitable for utility companies, the smart meter industry and governments.
Furthermore, any technology that harms the health of humans, plants and animals like that of microwave radiation emitting smart meters can never be considered environmentally sustainable or “green”. It is the exact opposite – an environmental calamity.

6) Have there been fires where smart meters have been installed?
Yes, throughout the world there have been thousands of fires that have occurred once smart meters have been installed. This is happening because of faulty installations, old wiring that cannot handle the new meters and when smart meters have been turned on remotely. In Pennsylvania, PECO/Exelon halted their installation program because of more than 2 dozen documented fires. Property damage has been significant and one man died in California because of a smart meter fire.
Notably, the vast majority of smart meters are not approved or listed by UL (Underwriters Laboratories). Because of this, a fire related to a smart meter on your home may not be covered by your insurance.

7) Are there any known health effects related to smart meters?
There are over 6,000 studies showing biological effects from the same form of radiation that smart meters invisibly emit – commonly known as “electro-smog” pollution. Additionally, thousands of people across the United States, Canada and Australia have become ill once smart meters have been installed on their homes. Medical doctors and scientists around the world are speaking out on the dangers of smart meters. Smart meters emit radiation 24/7 and cannot be turned off at night when radiation is the most dangerous for the body and brain. Comparatively, a cell phone – which emits radiation at levels hundreds of times lower – can be turned off when not in use.
Secondly, smart meters generate what’s known as “dirty electricity” radiation pollution throughout your home, because of the switching-mode power supply that they utilize. An “opt-out” to a wired digital meter still produces dirty electricity. Only a non-digital analog meter does not produce dirty electricity.
An individual opt-out still exposes you to the radiation from the neighbors’ meters and other grid infrastructure. And every smart meter in your neighborhood adds to the dirty electricity in your home, even if you opt-out, because all neighboring homes share the same power substation.

8) How many pulses of radiation does my smart meter emit per day?
Wireless smart meters around the world have been shown to emit between 5,000 and 190,000 pulses per day. Your utility may state they only transmit 45-60 seconds a day. This is because they are only adding up the millisecond pulses that occur constantly throughout the day. What they are not telling you is that the pulses occur every few seconds, which means that the meters are constantly emitting microwave radiation. Your smart meter is continuously communicating with hundreds of other smart meters, grid infrastructure, and in the future, all appliances in your home.
The levels at which a single smart meter emits radiation can be more than 80 times higher than recommended safety levels based upon current published science. (Examples: www.BioInitiative.org, and http://www.baubiologie.de/site/english.php)
In addition to current health risks, unless the smart meter programs are stopped, you will eventually have 10-20 appliances that each emit a pulse of radiation every few seconds in order to communicate wirelessly with your smart meter. This will fill your home with even more dangerous pulsed microwave radiation affecting your entire family.

9) Have smart meters been proven to be safe?
No. The smart meter industry has not released one actual study on whether smart meters are safe for human beings. They do not want to look at something that would damage their business. This is the case even though thousands of people have become ill once smart meters were installed on their home and so much science shows that microwave radiation is dangerous.
It is interesting to note that smart meters do meet federal agency “safety” guidelines. However, the FCC and other guidelines are not actually meant to protect our health. In fact, they are only meant to protect from acute tissue heating and electrical shock over several minutes. They are not meant to protect humans from the long-term, non-thermal levels of microwave radiation emitted by devices such as smart meters. In fact, there are no true governmental safety standards that govern smart meters. The utility company is misinformed or simply lying when they say they are safe because they meet the FCC guidelines.

10) Are utilities getting financial kickbacks for forcing smart meters on everyone?
Yes. As Time Magazine has reported, in the United States $11B of taxpayer funds (though there are reports that this is a conservative estimate), were spent as “incentives” for utilities to attempt to force the installation of smart meters upon all of their customers without their consent. As this money is divided amongst all utilities, many energy providers are actually receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation, but they have to first install the meters.
As this sort of incentivizing, perhaps also called bribery, is happening in similar fashion in many other industrialized countries – the multinational smart meter / smart grid initiative could potentially turn out to be the largest attempted financial scam in modern history.

Quebec activist Jean Hudon brings us news that 111 municipalities in Quebec have now called for a moratorium and or free opt-out of "smart" meters:
More than 110 municipalities in Quebec opposed to smart meters

This news comes amidst Quebec's emerging overbilling scandal and fire-related recalls throughout North America --

1) An anonymous APS whistleblower in Arizona leaked that 50 to 60 thousand faulty "smart" meters are being replaced:
Tens of Thousands of Defective Smart Meters Replaced in Arizona

2) Lakeland, Florida recalls more than 10,000 meters:
Domino Effect of More Smart Meters Being Replaced Due to Fires

Those who continue to attempting to deploy unproven, harmful technology while withholding critical facts must be held to account.

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