Apsley - 308: What to do in a Radiation Crisis: Separating Propaganda and Ignorance from Fact (DVD)


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SKU: D308
Release date: 2014
Dimensions [cm]: 19 x 13.5 x 0.7

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Do you know what to do in the face of a radiation crisis? Doctor John Apsley reveals methods to protect ourselves from radiation.

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Product Description

The Fukushima crisis of 2011 was one of the two largest radiation disasters in recorded history, the other one being Chernobyl’s disaster in 1986. Despite constant reassurance from government and news agencies that we are safe and that radiation fallout is not life-threatening, Doctor John Apsley provides frightening and compelling evidence to the contrary.

It has been years since Fukushima’s disaster, but we are still experiencing consequences of that event. Through statistical data and photographic proof, Apsley shows us how the worst is not yet over. This presentation includes startling information about sudden spikes in infant death rates, birth defects, and other radiation-exposure symptoms. Are we really as safe and protected as the media wants us to believe?

So in the face of this crisis, what are we to do? We cannot just run away from disaster zones, we need to know how to equip and educate ourselves. Through preparedness we can fight the radiation crisis. Doctor Apsley provides practical ways to protect ourselves. Discover how to defeat radiation and what is truth and what is fiction.
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