GreenManna Chlorella - Zip Pouch of 250 grams (8.8 oz.)


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Dimensions [cm]: 17 x 13 x 2

Quick Overview

The Highest Nutrient Dense Whole Food on the Planet!

Chlorella removes heavy metals, leaving you feeling better with more energy.

As the #1 health food sold in Japan—outselling vitamin C—GreenManna Chlorella activates the production of T-Cells, B-Cells, Interferon, and Macrophages.

This improved formula has less lead and minimal pollutants. It is healthier than ever before! There is no safe level of mercury in the body. It is the most toxic substance we are exposed to other than nuclear radiation. Our previous chlorella had .01 ppm. Our new chlorella has .002 ppm, 500% less mercury!
Lead in our previous chlorella was .41 ppm. Our new chlorella has .071 ppm, almost 600% less lead!

1 zip pouch of Chlorella contains 1250 200mg tablets in a convenient zip seal bag.

These convenient Zip Pouches can be kept in your vehicle, purse, desk, gym bag, or wherever you do not want to be without your GreenManna.

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Product Description

What is GreenManna Chlorella?
Chlorella is one of over 23,000 varieties of algae known on our planet. It is a microscopic organism that was not discovered until 1890 by M. W. Beijernick, a Dutch biologist.

This freshwater algae multiplies vigorously in the presence of intense sunlight. GreenManna Chlorella is a specific type of unicellular green alga known as Chlorella pyrenoidosa that has been grown under the strictest sanitary conditions to ensure an uncontaminated, highly nutritious super food. Chlorella pyrenoidosa has a tough cell wall which has the added benefit of binding toxins and safely removing them from the body.

Health Benefits of GreenManna Chlorella
GreenManna Chlorella seems to be good for almost every ailment humanity suffers from. From the minor to the serious, this whole-food product seems to offer relief from a whole host of health issues.

Studies show that Chlorella regulates cholesterol levels, increases circulation, improves eyesight, diminishes hyperactivity, and supports a stronger immune system. It also increases stamina and energy, stimulates repair and growth, increases oxygen to the body's cells and helps cleanse and regenerate the blood stream, liver, kidneys and bowel. Chlorella stimulates peristaltic bowel movement and activates healing of irritated intestinal surfaces. Intestinal flora is restored by activating the propagation of lactobacilli—a beneficial bacteria.

Not only does Chlorella eliminate heavy metals from the body, but also insecticides and pesticides, alcohol, nicotine, and radioactive substances.

Tested and Certified by the Japan Food Research Laboratories
The Japanese Government has the highest standards in the world for testing and certifying the purity of Chlorella. Chlorella manufacturers are not able to sell their product in Japan without first passing the Japanese Governments’ strict protocol for high nutrient content and lack of heavy metals.

This amazing food product is made up of the following:
* 60% protein (contains all the amino acids known to be essential for nutrition)
* 20% carbohydrates
* 11% lipids
* 9% additional components such as water, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

GreenManna Chlorella is the highest food source of beta-carotene, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, choline, lutein and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and E. It is also the highest vegetarian source of B5, B12, and zinc.

GreenManna Chlorella causes the friendly bacteria in the stomach to multiply at 4 times the normal rate.

It is important to crack the cell-wall of the Chlorella open in such a way as to not destroy its nutritional content, yet make it more readily available. Our organic patented process is the most effective, opening 99.9% of the Chlorella cell-wall, allowing our Chlorella to have over 80% bioavailability of its nutrients which is the highest of any Chlorella on the market.

The recent radiation leaks in Japan have cause many people to worry about the safety of the Chlorella being produced in Asia. However, GreenManna Chlorella is produced in Taiwan in fresh water and has not been affected by the radiation in Japan. Click here for a March, 2011, Radiation report on GreenManna Chlorella

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